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QRegularExpressions not matching

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to use QRegularExpressinos to match any URL in a larger string.
    My regex is:


    Testing it out on sites like regex101 works, but in Qt it won't match.
    I'm also using the same options i.e. /i /g.
    Do i have to format it differently?


  • I've only done a little bit of work with regular expressions in Qt. Just checking, you've used escape characters within your expression? Like '\\b' instead of '\b'

  • @webzoid Yep I'm pretty sure I escaped everything I need to, like the double-slash and literal dots.
    Edit: Oh god I forgot to escape my "\b" at the beginning. You're right, thank you.
    But for some reason regex101 didn't care. Whelp.

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    You can use the regular expression example tool to check your regexp as well as get the escaped version for your code.

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