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How to keep screen on ? ( Not android )

  • Hi, All

    Now I am developing application based on QT.

    When I execute my application with not any work, after 15 minute screen off. ( I think going to suspend mode )
    ( ** My application run on embedded linux not android. )

    I found quit much information about keep screen on for android, but I'm not using android now.

    I Want to keep screen on during limited time.
    Do you have any about that?


  • @Josh-Jung

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Most likely you are looking in the wrong place for a solution. All energy saving activities are typically handled by the OS. Sometimes even by the HW (e.g. external screens).

    My recomendation is to check out the HW documentation and also the documentation of the OS.

  • Moderators

    there is an (unpublished) QtSystems module containing a QScreenSaver class you may want to give a try.
    See it's screenSaverEnabled property.
    But this is only the screen saver part of course. As @koahnig said the power saving settings may only be used by native API. There is no Qt API yet - and probably never will be.

  • @koahnig @raven-worx
    Hi All

    Thanks, for giving answer about that!
    I will try to check API and QScreenSaver class


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