Paged C++ Model concept for QML List

  • I need a concept on populating phone contacts using a C++ model which can hold only 30 elements at a instance(Called Page). Required 3 pages at a time (Previous page,current page and next page) for easy scrolling and the page id are maintained in C++.
    The list also should have a provision to handle jump to option.
    Example : Currently displaying page 3 and need to jump to page 20 hence 19,20 and 21 shall be shown.
    How to request for next/previous page while scrolling down/Up? and How to jump to mentioned page?
    Qt has the provision to append later which will load the list dynamically but above use case is still confusing.
    Note: Total List Size and no of pages will be available during list creation itself.
    Any idea on how to handle the page concept in the list.

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