Dockable widget stops painting on window resize

  • So there is a video painting properly to a widget. When the widget is popped out, the widget screen turns black (the set background color), even though the video is still evidently decoding / images are coming in. The widget starts painting again if I either load a new video into the same widget or, interestingly enough, if I pop the widget back in. Likewise, if I first load the video with the widget popped out, it stops working when I pop it in. I resize the viewport / projection matrix etc. My current guess is that it has something to do with the context changing - somewhere in the code for loading the video there must be something that's dependent on the initial context and doesn't adjust itself to having a new one, which would explain why things start working again when the widget is put back into its original place.

    As this is a proprietary professional project I am limited in what details I can share, so I apologize if there isn't enough information for you to work with. I was just wondering if this is some common bug / anyone has encountered a similar issue before.

  • OK, got it.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should at least give the Qt version you are using as well as platform your a running.

    You can also check the bug report system to see if you can find something similar.

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