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Debugging QMediaPlaylist::load(QUrl)

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to play a web radio stream. These streams are distributed in playlist files. I am successful if I download the playlist manually and directly add the media URL.

    I've subclassed a QMediaPlayer and I'm trying to load the playlists like this

    connect(playlist, &QMediaPlaylist::loaded, this, &QMediaPlayer::play);

    However, I'm having trouble parsing the playlist in QMediaPlaylist::load. I see in GammaRay that the loadFailed() signal fires. I also see that a QPlaylistFileParser object fires the same loadFailed signal with an ParserError as a QString argument. How do I access this ParserError? QPlaylistFileParser has no officially documented interface


  • Hi @Hazzl,

    Are you using QtCreator IDE to develop? If so, Had you tried to get help from the interface?

    If QMediaPlayer is open source, Had you see any repository of this class?

    Anyways, if they are string, Can you get the value of that string?

    Thank you.

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  • Thanks @jsulm , printing the ErrorString provides a clue: I get an empty file error. Hmmm... Something seems to go wrong when retrieving the playlist from the remote server. Using curl with the provided URL does work, so that's not the problem. I'll try to dig deeper...

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