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Qt 5.9.1 no more msvc2013 x86 (32 bit)?

  • I've just installed


    but there was no msvc2013_32 just the 64 version to select. Does that mean there is and will be no more x86 support for msvc2013?


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    No, it's still supported. There's just no pre-built package made available for that architecture and compiler combo. So if you need that one, you'll have to build Qt yourself.

    Why was it dropped ? It has to do with the need to have resources to provide the VS2017 pre-built packages and the number of downloads for that platform.

  • True, i did compile the sources successfully myself. Well, kinda, i got some ssl bugs i guess, because if i used the QNetworkRequest and connect to ssl secured websites, my app crashed on the 2nd connection. Same code works perfectly fine using the precompiled 5.9.1.

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    You should get a stack trace to see what it is about.

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