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QtCreator error: "legend" does not have members (M17)

  • Using ChartView in QtCreator, I want to hide the default legends for the series I add to a chart so that I can display my own custom legend. For example, I have a ChartView with id "chartMilestones", so I put in the QML file

        chartMilestones.legend.visible: false

    but QtCreator underlines the word legend in red and displays the error

    "legend" does not have members (M17)

    The code seems to do what I want when it's run, without complaining, but the Design view doesn't work with this error in the QML. It also appears that I can set the visibility in a JavaScript function without an error.

    Is there something I need to add to avoid the error markers?

  • Hello!
    I run into the same thing:
    But setting myChartView.legend.visible: falsedoes the trick and the legend gets hidden, the designer cant be used after that.
    Did you find it out how to hide the legend without the error message?

  • Just adding a "me too" for this bug.

    I'm also getting a "Non-existent attached object" bug on the line of code that sets the legend's visibility. Perhaps that's related, but that causes an error in the QML compilation...

  • Moderators

    This is also tracked in . Please follow up from there.

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