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Can't use Qt3D in Visual Studio 2017

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    I installed the latest version 5.9.1 for Windows using the installer and beta version of the addon for Visual Studio 2017.

    But I can't add these modules and I don't know why. Any suggestions?

  • The files are already included and I can run the examples, I just can't add the modules in vc17

    edit: possible douplicate of this thread for vs13 and this thread on stackoverflow for vs15

  • Hackish Solution to bypass the beta version problems:
    Go to Project Settings > VC++ Directories
    Add "$(QTDIR)\include" to include directories
    Add "$(QTDIR)\lib" to library directories
    Go to Linker > Input and add the desired library names to Additional Dependencies
    for Debug Mode with the "d", for Release Mode without

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