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Advice For Game Development For Games like Temple Run And Subway Surf ?

  • Hello All iOS Developers ,
    I just wanted to know ,in which Framework we develop games like subway surf and temple run in iOS platform ?
    please guide me ,what all i should know , so as to start in this ,keeping in mind all the parameters. the cost,time allocation,
    i have done some research work , on Stack Overflow , it says its on unity 3D Explainer video ,but its a blunt answer, i need a precise answer.
    please note: i am just a Beginner in iOS development, so please tell me from start ,i am working on swift ,not on objective c . any suggestions are welcome .

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    if you plan to code for/with swift, shouldn't you ask in one of their forums than? This one is kind of dedicated to Qt-related stuff...

    That said and to get ahead of @GTDev :-) there is V-Play Engine you might want to look into, if you want a Qt-Solution for mobile app development.

  • @J-Hilk haha, nice one - this point goes to you! ;-)

    @jamesrivard There's no single solution or guide how to create games for iOS. Different cross-platform solutions like Unity or V-Play Engine have different mechanics, features and advantages, so it's best to have a look yourself and try solutions to see if you like it and it fits your expectations / project.

    As V-Play is based on Qt, one big advantage is the ease-of-use that coding with QML and the V-Play Components offer. So if you are a beginner at game development, the engine might be a good fit for you. V-Play also comes with many open-source demos and step-by-step tutorials you can have a look at.

    In the end you should use whatever you like most, as you will probably spend a lot of time working with your chosen tool/framework.
    Hope this helps ;-)


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