QtCreator can not detect AVD version

  • I updated AndroidStudio and all the components to latest versions and after some fight I got everything working but one last problem remains.

    If I start Android build from QtCreator it finds my virtual device but reports the API level is -1. So it lists it as incompatible. If I start the emulator from Android Studio and let it boot, then QtCreator sees the correct API version (19) and let me use it.

    Is this a known problem? How can I fixit it? It used to work without any problems until I updated Android Studio and it's components.

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    I was running into this problem as well. I think you need to check AndroidManifest.xml that there is the correct API level set.

    Unfortunately, I am not completely sure, since I was not running into it lately. All I remember is that I had to go the project settings and somewhere it was not set.

    Hope it helps.

  • The problem is not in my project. In the AndroidManifest.xml is correctly set this:

    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="19" android:targetSdkVersion="19"/>

    The problem is that QtCreator can not detect the version of AVD if it is not running.

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