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Norton Security recognized QtCreator as a thread and deleted it :-o

  • Anybody around here with similar experience like me today? After booting up the computer (one week off) the Norton Security recognized the QtCreator.exe as a potential thread and deleted it. It should be according Norton a heuristic virus. Is there a way how to prevent antivirus software to do it?

  • Hi,
    assuming your system is clean this should be treated as false positive (due to way Norton uses his heuristic scan to detect unknown threats). Please consult Norton's documentation if there is a way to white list single application (most safe approach) or the whole directory (not so safe approach).
    Again, make sure that your system is not infected first.

  • Thank you for the reply Arthur,

    anyway, how can I make sure it is not infected when the antivirus says it is... I assume that QTCreator is clean and is downloaded from the secure server.


  • You can use another tool. I personally prefer AVG Rescue USB Tools - just boot up the computer from usb drive, run the scan.
    There is plenty of other solutions as well, you can run some scans from the browser for example. Having the tool on the usb drive instead of running another scan from within the system has that advantage that your OS is not running at all, so whatever tries to hide inside that system is exposed.

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    @CatBehemoth Use to check the executable.
    Also I don't think Norton deleted the executable - it should be in the quarantine from where you can restore it.

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