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Detect musicpeak (bass) with qt - what do i need?

  • hey guys,
    im writing a little programm with qt for my raspberry pi.
    and i need something like a peak/bass detection to set leds on when a loud noise/bass is being captured by a microphone.
    Can i use this microphone?
    And is qt the "best" platform to do it? or should i use python?
    All i want is to capture a peak -> LED=On, then LED=off, with the next peak = LED=On.(Music and with every bass, the leds should move/blink, im working on different visual patterns)
    i know how to drive my leds, but i dont know how to drive a specific microphone and use it to detect sound in qt.
    any ideas?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Are thinking about something like QAudioInput with QAudioProbe ?

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