QGraphicsWidget is always drawn over the QGraphicsLineItem irrespective of the z order

  • I have a graphics scene which contains a QGraphicsWidget and a QGraphicsLineItem. The
    issue I am facing is that the QGraphicsWidget is getting drawn over the QGraphicsLineItem
    whenever I move the pointer over the QGraphicsWidget, whereas I want the QGraphicsLineItem to
    be on top always in the scene, without being affected by the repaint of QGraphicsWidget.

    I have tried the setZValue() api, but it is not of showing any effect

    These are the elements in the scene with details,

    Scene----------> QGraphicsWidget ----> QGraphicsLinearLayout-----> Array of layout items
    --------> QGraphicsLineItem

    Any help will be much appreciated...

  • Can you show some code? For example, what kind of QGraphicsWidget are we talking about? What does it paint?

  • Hi,

    I was able to fix the issue. The issue was due to the incorrect bounding rect given for the line item.


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