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  • High, i am trying to splice an array i have that i use to store data. The array is pulled from a custom fileIO that returns a JSON object with the array inside... That in itself isn't a problem however splicing just doesnt work in QT 5.9 or am i doing it wrong..

    function spliceTest() {
       var ar = ["t","t"]; 
       console.log(ar.length); // return 2 which is what it should be..
       // Array length should now be 1...
       console.log(ar) // returns "t", "t"  What happened??
       console.log(ar.length) // still returns 2...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

    Sinc., Alex

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    Which exact version of Qt 5.9 are you using ?

    Can you provide a minimal compilable project that shows that behaviour ?

  • @SGaist Actually running the code on a different project gave me the correct results i guess it has something to do with my main project. I will attempt to see whats different between the two projects and why one is not running the splice command.

  • The solution was quite simple, ar, from my test project already had an alias property in that name, its a dumb mistake but the alias overides the var object and qt gets mixed up, changing the name of the temporary var fixed everything

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