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QtitanDataGrid 5.5 has been released!

  • We are pleased to announce the release of version QtitanDataGrid 5.5.0. In this version, we added the ability to embed an user widget to the prevew row of the grid. Now it makes it possible to display a full value master-detail relationships between the row of the table and another table (or graph/chart), which contains additional data regarding row. For this, the mechanism for embedding QWidget into the grid was completely redesigned to QGraphicsScene. Usage of QGraphicsScene has allowed to remove from the code most of the calls to the private part of the Qt, which was a big problem before (focus, popups, etc.). The feature is demonstrated by MasterDetail demo example. Besides the version fixes many bugs in different parts of the component, code refactoring and optimization were carried out. The default build is now available for Qt5.9.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

    QtitanDataGrid Master Detail

    QtitanDataGrid  Master Detail Print


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