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Python custom widget for Qt Designer

  • I have develop , for windows desktop, a Python Qt Designer custom widget (running!) in
    the following environment:

    Python 3.6.1 installed in C:\Python36
    PyQt5 installed using pip3 install pyqt5
    Qt Designer installed using pip3 install pyqt5-tools

    You can download the source files at:

    In C:\PYTHON\MM_Widget_Library run BuildALL.bat
    In C:\PYTHON\Line_test run test_line.py

    You can see new widget by running
    (see PYTHON_MM_Widget.jpg)

    Selecting T_line, right in the Property Editor appear
    defined properties:
    ColorON Color_OFF OrientationVertical

    It's easy to add new properties in the code
    of type int, str (= string), float.
    For each property, it will appear in the Qt Design Property Editor
    a new line with the assigned name and the ability to edit the content.

    --- THE PROBLEM ----

    I would like to add a new property (STATIC!), enumerative type or list.
    I would like to a new property that allows to choose one of the options.
    Showing a drop down menu, a combo, or similar stuff

    I tried to use:

    NewProp = pyqtProperty("QList", NewProp, setNewProp)
    NewProp = pyqtProperty("QListWidget", NewProp, setNewProp)
    NewProp = pyqtProperty("StringList", NewProp, setNewProp)

    without success.

    Can anybody help me?


  • @Pierone Can you put you code in GitHub instead of a rar file? Its pretty awkward to unpack your code.