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How to configure Qt Creator or Qt Designer to develop iOS apps

  • Hi Qt community,
    I'm developing some iOS apps at this moment. Now, I'm focusing on Qt C++ and planning in the future for Qt Quick Control 2. I'm able to run the apps in the Simulator and also I've managed to deploy them in my iPhone 5s. Incredible experience and extremely simple since I am acquainted with Qt/C++ for PC apps. Thank you Qt community so much.

    There is a little problem though with Qt Creator when I design the applications. I would like to restrict the Form for the actual size of any specific iOS app (i.e. at this moment iPhone 5s). Now when I design any app, say a calculator, when I deploy the app, the appearance of the app is not as is in Qt Creator. It is expanded to fit the size of the iOS. I've taken a look at the examples but none of them has .ui file. I've read Scalability Section but it talks about Qt Quick not C++ Widgets. Any suggestions?

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    Can you show a sample of what you expect ? And what you currently get ?

  • Hi @SGaist,

    Take a look at this app in Qt Creator


    In the simulator (i.e. iPhone 5s), the app is


    I would like to automatically configure Qt Creator to choose the right targeted iOS so that widgets should not expanded to fit the size of the screen.

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    @CroCo On iOS and Android (and other mobile platforms) apps are executed in full screen.
    Regarding expanding buttons: how did you layout your widgets? Did you change any properties like sizePolicy? QPushButton does not expand vertically by default.

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    I dont think that is possible, as far as I know, all ios/android apps run automatically in "fullscreen" and I Don't think theres a simple os-api to not stretch the gui.

    However you can do that yourself.
    Give your MainGui a fixed max-size, and surround it with QSpacerItems .
    Your app will not stretch above your specific max size. however you will get a black border/background.

  • @jsulm Yes indeed. I've changed it.

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