QT5 for imx6 "Could not open egl display"

  • months ago same problem faced and they solve the problem by updating kernel at link below.
    Re: Qt5.8 for arm:Could not open egl display

    kernel on my imx6 is 4.11.4 but the problem still exists.
    I am using buildroot and karo tx6 8033. there may be bug on buildtoot for qt application.

    in order to solve this problem, I need to know when this error occurs. is it caused by gpu driver or qt code?
    generally there is no problem with yocto project and other boards. I cannot reach any support for this issue from nxp and karo.
    karo does not support buildroot, additionally there is community from karo. I have also write to buildroot, antill now, there has been no reply yet.


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