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QML MediaPlayer / VideoOutput playback stalls

  • Hello all,
    i'm playing videos in QML using QQuickWidget on an ARM processor:

    import QtQuick 2.1
    import QtMultimedia 5.7
     x: 0
     y: 0
     width: 1920
     height: 1080
    	 id: mediaPlayer
    	 objectName: "mediaPlayer"
    	 autoLoad: true
    	 volume: 1
    	 playlist: Playlist
    		 id: playlist
    		 objectName: "playList"
    		 PlaylistItem { source: "/test1.mp4"; }
    		 PlaylistItem { source: "/test2.mp4"; }
     VideoOutput {
    	 anchors.fill: parent
    	 fillMode: VideoOutput.Stretch
     function stop() {
     function setVolume(volume) {

    At lower resolutions this plays without problems; at fullHD i have to scale the video to 10fps due to limited processor speed and quality is acceptable. The problem is that video rendering stalls continously, i mean after some seconds of playback (variable) the video stops on a frame while audio still plays to end and i get the stopped signal regualarly at the end of playback. If stopped and replayed it restarts normaly and then stalls again after a while.
    Does anyone know why this happens? Is this a known behaviour? Is there eventually any workaround?
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    Since you mentionned arm, I assume you run this on something like a raspberry pi.
    Your issue may be related to the bitrate of the video which may be to high for the sdcard bus or any bus on reading this from.
    Try to re-encode your video to lower bitrate.

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