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Software Tools Engineer - Qualcomm, Cambridge, UK

  • Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd (based in Cambridge, England and formerly known as Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited) is a new subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

    Embedded software developers across the world create innovative solutions using our semiconductor and radio technology. A Bluetooth speaker dock, a wireless mouse, an in-car information/entertainment system, advanced satellite navigation and an indoor location app for a mobile phone using smart beacon lightbulbs are just a few of the products we make possible.

    For our upcoming product lines the software development tools group aims to improve our integrated development environment (IDE). We write multi-platform code for Windows and Linux using C++, C and Python. We use open source and proprietary third party software where we can (for example Qt) and platform specific environments where appropriate (Microsoft's Windows SDK and Visual Studio). You care deeply about usability topics like responsiveness, legibility, discoverability and consistency. To help developers using our IDE on their journey from prototype to production of embedded systems containing our semiconductors, you will be expected to apply your knowledge to resolve interaction design trade-offs, efficiently managing the control and display of the target software and hardware involved. In return we will provide a rewarding environment that encourages collaboration and fosters innovation.

    Your tasks:
    Research, design, develop, implement, benchmark and test new software
    Maintain and enhance existing software
    Investigate, debug and fix deep and subtle problems
    Help to discover, prioritise and record requirements
    Define tasks and estimate the time and resources required
    Take part in design reviews and peer software reviews
    Create internal and user documentation where appropriate
    Work with the team to maintain best practices
    Follow Qualcomm's open source policies

    Minimum Qualifications


    Excellent understanding of C++ and C
    Good written and verbal communication skills
    Deep experience of working with UI class libraries such as Qt, MFC or WTL
    Knowledge of user interface design, interaction and platform-specific design guidelines
    Excellent problem-solving ability
    Ability to learn new technologies and skills
    Exposure to large scale build, integration and test environments

    Preferred Qualifications
    Experience with Python or another modern scripting language
    Experience designing or creating IDE extensions
    Knowledge of Qt Quick / HTML5
    Understanding of embedded software development tasks

    Education Requirements
    Required: BSc Computing Science or equivalent technical qualification or relevant experience

    QtCreator, UI, Tools, C++

  • Is it remote or on-site position?
    If remote how can I contact you?

  • Hi, no I am afraid this is an onsite position. Apologies for no contact details, I hit send by accident and don't know how to amend. FYI my email address is david.wood@dwandassociates.co.uk

    Many thanks,


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    @DWGWood Hi and welcome to devnet,

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