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Indefinite QProgressBar with only left to right, left to right , left to right

  • Hi,

    How to implements a indefinite QProgressBar with chunk moving only in one direction (left to right, after reaching end, agin left to right?


  • You can turn QProgessBar into a busy-indicator by setting both minimum and maximum to zero. The actual appearance is platform-dependent.

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    i guess thats what he is already doing. He just wants the appearance to be different.

    the problem is that there is no easy way to do so.
    You can play around with QStyle's subelements to paint a progressbar of your desire.

    Use the sub elements

    • QStyle::SE_ProgressBarGroove
    • QStyle::SE_ProgressBarContents
    • QStyle::SE_ProgressBarLabel
    • QStyle::SE_ProgressBarLayoutItem

    for painting.

    For the painting of QStyle::SE_ProgressBarContents try to translate from left to right the painter and also set a clipping rect for it.
    You will have to do the animation also by yourself

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