[solved] N950 ssh - need root password

  • Hi,

    Hopefully it is not a dummy question, but I scanned all forums here already.
    I would like to
    ssh root@
    into N950, but I do not know the password.
    I need it in order to update APT list with my repo.

    Any hints?


  • Hi simon,

    The default root password should be rootme


  • Leon,

       indeed! thank you very much, it is *rootme* 


  • If you consider the issue solved, please change the thread’s title so that it begins with [SOLVED]

  • Despite that the comment about root password is VEEEERY useful (!!!) I was asking about where I can find the root password too, there are at least two other methods to manage the device in ssh mode as I know.

    The first is launching the SDK application that shows the temporary developer password. Don't close it and - regardless if your are using the device connected to the Qt IDE or not - you can login with ssh developer@device_ip with the password shown.

    The second method is to use the makeroot command that you can download and install following the readme file (if I remember correctly) that you find in the instructions on how to connect the device to the computer.

    The third - yep, there is a third method - you can ssh the device using the rsa key instead of the user/password acces. This is the way the device use when connecting in the usual way with your development IDE.

  • Note that the last update for the N950 disables ssh'ing as root (see /etc/init/ssh.conf).

    The only way left to ssh into the device is to ssh as 'developer', the sdk connect tool will give a password.

    Or to hack /etc/init/ssh.conf I guess :)

  • But it is not possible - as in any linux os - change the ssh.conf ? I think it is also possible put the standard "user" and other users - if needed should be created from the terminal - as sudoers.

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