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How to add "fast scroll" to ListView with Harmattan Qt Components?

  • Some application on the N9(50), like Contacts and Email, use this nifty "fast scroll" feature on the list where you can scroll the list quicker to different sections by panning on the right side of the screen.

    I did not see this feature in the two QmlComponentsGallery demo applications. So, I am wondering is this feature available when creating the list with Qt Components?

  • What do you mean by "Fast scroll" ? ListView's section ?

  • [quote author="Chuck Gao" date="1312033343"]What do you mean by "Fast scroll" ? ListView's section ?[/quote]

    Yes, essentially jumping fast to list sections (you know, "fast scrolling" :)). I did not see the Qt Components demo applications utilizing this feature. I assume Contacts and Email are using the deprecated MTF which do utilize this feature.

  • So you mean "A,B,C,D ... Z"(section list which vertical) at the right of your ListView when scrolling? I know there is a section delegate in ListView, but seems you didn't asked that :D

  • No :) And if I just compare the QMLComponentsGallery list view to the list view on, say, Contacts application, I notice that the scroll indicator is also different. Contacts (that utilizes the fast scroll feature) has a wider area, with a dot as scroll indicator. I guess this hints to the user that you can pan here to jump to section.

    QMLComponentsGallery's list view has a different looking, narrow, scroll indicator.

    Is this telling me that Qt Components does not utilize the fast scrolling feature, or is it just not been used in the QMLComponentsGallery demos?

  • Hi All,
    Has there been any update on this request?

  • Take a look at this post at the MeeGo forum:

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