Building Qt Mobility 1.2.0 on Windows 7 64bit

  • I am trying to build Qt Mobility a Windows 7 64bit workstation. I have successfully built Qt 4.7.3 (32bit) with Phonon using Visual Studio 2010. So, I have the Windows Platform SDK and the DirectX SDK (June10). I configured Mobility with -debug -demos -modules multimedia and when I execute nmake it can't find qedit.h. If I add the platform SDK (the location of qedit.h) to the include path I get lots of errors about second C linkage of overloaded function not allowed. Anyone build Qt Mobility on Windows 7 64bit and play a video?

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  • I believe that it is not implemented yet. I was able to compile the qtmobility, but video does not work yet. I believe it is in the documentation "here (see tables in dark gray)":
    Maybe you will have to integrate yourself as mentioned:
    "A functional backend for the API on the platform is not being worked on. It is possible for others to implement and integrate support. Alternatively, the platform does not support the feature"

  • A bit late, but a workaround is to remove (or comment) the line @include (camera/camera.pri)@ from the file plugins\multimedia\directshow\

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