How to use Qt in C++ development

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    I know the answer to this is going to be very much opinion based, but interested in the perspective of experienced C++ developers using Qt....

    I'm a seasoned C++ developer starting off a new project with a significant UI component and an intending to use Qt as a UI framework (have dabbled with Qt a little in the past but this will be the first serious bit of development I've done). My normal go-to tools for C++ development would be GCC with STL and Boost libraries, with a CMake build system and Eclipse CDT. I'm interested in the pros and cons of wholeheartedly embracing Qt and using it's project management, build system and non-visual library components throughout the system vs. just using it as a UI framework for the GUI layer. I know both approaches are possible, but wondering if I'm going to be "fighting against the current" and/or missing out on a lot of capabilities if I try and limit Qt usage to the GUI layer.


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    IMO there's no point in limiting Qt to UI. You'll have more libraries to link to (bigger deployment), more functionality duplication, more messy code (different coding styles in Qt/non-Qt code) and more conversions (e.g. std::string to QString). If you can do everything or most of it with one library/environment why mix? Make a list of functionalities you need. If Qt covers them I'd go all the way.

  • @Richard-Lang said in How to use Qt in C++ development:

    pros and cons of [..] Qt [...]'s project management, build system

    Pros: none
    Cons: Qt Build system is not as flexible as CMake nor is it that commonly used
    Keep using CMake!

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