QAction from QToolBar focus behaviour

  • Hi,

    Currently I am working on an interface using QAction items from a QToolBar. I understand that QAction objects are not QWidget elements, although they get a "button" representation when I add them into my toolbar.

    Now, when I click on any QAction item icon (in this context), it seems that the focus is captured by that item. As the QAction is not a button, not even a QWidget, how can I release the focus from it?

    Thanks for your help.

    PS: I tried using setChecked() and toggle() methods with no luck.

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    Maybe clearFocus ?

    Hope it helps

  • clearFocus() is not available for the QAction class so I used it with the QToolBar object with no luck.

    The effect I am trying to avoid is very curious. I noticed that the focus/checked mark only appears when I click any QAction for the first time, then a subtle square remains on them. If I click on the toolbar or any other place, the mark around the QAction buttons used doesn't disappear, therefore it shouldn't be a focus reference.

    Here is a low resolution example. Pay attention to the Cancel and the Gear icons "focus" effect. The blue button doesn't have it.
    alt QToolBar Buttons

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    regarding the checkmark issue are you using any stylesheet style?

    Try also this:

    foreach( QToolButton* btn, toolBar->findChildren<QToolButton*>() )
        btn->setFocusPolicy( Qt::NoFocus );

  • @raven-worx
    Well, in fact I set a basic stylesheet definition to the toolbar just to redefine the background color. I will remove it temporarily just to find out if that is the cause of the problem.

    Thank you for your suggestion, I will give it a try.

  • Ok, I tried removing the stylesheet instruction and it didn't work. The foreach instruction neither made any effect.
    I know this is a very subtle issue. I can live with it, but it's more about curiosity... I mean, what is the cause of this behaviour?

    Anyway, thank you for the support.

    PS: I am testing this code from an Android tablet. Maybe is this a collateral issue of using QWidgets in Android?

  • Got the same problem, i.e. Android icons stay "highlighted" on QToolbar. I tried many things, include playing with QAndroidStyle or filtering events. What finally worked was to generate Leave and HoverLeave events whenever an action is triggered.

    So I connect all my actions to this slot:

    void ToolBar::slot_unfocusAction()
        QAction * action = qobject_cast<QAction*>(sender());
        foreach(QWidget * wid, action->associatedWidgets()) {
            QMouseEvent event1(QEvent::Leave, QPointF(0.0, 0.0), Qt::LeftButton, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::NoModifier);
            QApplication::sendEvent(wid, &event1);
            QMouseEvent event2(QEvent::HoverLeave, QPointF(0.0, 0.0), Qt::LeftButton, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::NoModifier);
            QApplication::sendEvent(wid, &event2);

    I hope this will help someone.

  • @maitai_vw ,

    Instead of adding actions to toolbar, You can add the toolbuttons to toolbar, then you can call clearfocus for those toolbuttons.

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