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Designer or pure C++ code

  • Hi,

    I'm still at the beginning of the book C++-GUI-Programming-with-Qt-4-2nd Edition and tested some C++ hand-code simple programs and one using the Designer.
    As a preference, I prefer hand coding.
    Using the Designer we should first create a Form then make it connected to all three .h, .cpp and main.cpp files. While the result is the same as hand code. The pure hand code is also more straightforward and simpler. we create a .h file and then its implementation in a .cpp file and finally a main.cpp.
    It's easier as well.
    Even at least one of the authors of the book use hand-coding always.
    What are your habits please on this case?
    Do you want to have some advice for me (as a beginner)?


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    I personally also prefer hand-written code over using the Designer.
    Although it might be very handy for quick prototyping/tests, i like to have full control over my code.

    I think for a beginner you should go also with hand-written code (at least after spending a little bit of time using the designer to get comfortable in Qt) to actually better understand what happens in your application.

  • Hi,

    @tomy ,

    As a beginner, using designer to do the stuff is better and parallel hands on coding with C++, is a very good move , coz as @raven-worx said, for better understanding it is much way to be adaptive.

    Coz if u want to have customization hand written will come in handy, when u want to have prototypes or just the samples not the plain and complete app , designer is a way go for developing.

    others may pitch in with their understanding and experience too.
    Happy Coding,


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  • @VRonin said in Designer or pure C++ code:

    so most have pitched in.


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