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  • Hi,

    I am want to use Grid for 2 row and 3 columns. So total child items will be 6. suppose if I have more 6 child items. Does Grid automatically create in next screen (with 7th item in first position) which will be second screen. Will it do it?

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    What kind of grid/Qt class do you mean?
    Most of Qt views, say QTableWidget, will use scrolling.
    So im not sure what kind of "screen" you are talking about?

  • @mrjj

    I am already using GridView, but when I have 7 buttons, in GridView last button is at last positions of the Grid list, but I want it to be on next screen as a first button. How can I separated 7th button from GridView as to make it as new screen (like second list)

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    @RG90 said in Usage of Grid:


    Ahh, its QML :)
    Sorry I missed it was in QML and Qt Quick .

    Lets wait for mr sierdzio and see.

    Im not good with QML.

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