error: Compiler produced empty value for #line.

  • I can't complie win application with msvc2015 64bit,

    the Issue window hint [ Compiler produced empty value for #line.]

    Compile Output:
    23:42:14: Running steps for project untitled...
    23:42:14: Starting: "C:\Dev\Qt5.9.0\5.9\msvc2015_64\bin\qmake.exe" C:\Users\L\OneDrive\dev\lab\untitled\ -spec win32-msvc "CONFIG+=qml_debug"
    Project ERROR: Compiler produced empty value for #line.
    23:42:14: The process "C:\Dev\Qt5.9.0\5.9\msvc2015_64\bin\qmake.exe" exited with code 3.
    Error while building/deploying project untitled (kit: Desktop Qt 5.9.0 MSVC2015 64bit)
    When executing step "qmake"
    23:42:14: Elapsed time: 00:00.

    msvc2013 64bit is the same,
    Qt plugin for vs2015 import .pro failed with this error ,too.
    But msvc 32bit works fine.I don't know why.
    And I found that the .qmake.stash file in 64bit debug directory is not correct to generate!


    If I copy these lines form x32 .qmake.stash to x64,compiler will work.

    Can anyone help me?

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