Emit "ALT+TAB" when a pushbutton is clicked.

  • I am trying to control two arduinos from the same computer. For that, I am making two QT gui windows. Now I want to have a pushbutton on both the guis, so that when the button is clicked, "ALT+TAB" signal is emitted and the user can then switch between the two GUI windows. Is this possible?

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    You would have to use the platforms native api for this I think.
    Its controlled by the OS.
    You could also make your own solution using
    QLocalServer and QLocalSocket to send "event" to get focus.

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    It's not possible via the "alt+tab" method, however you wouldn't want to use that anyway. There would be no way to guarantee that you alt+tabbed to the proper window if the sequence was changed by the user via actual alt+tabbing at some point (or even clicking a new window).

    This is however possible using the native windowing system on all platforms. Pretty much exactly as @mrjj said.

    I haven't done it on osx but you can definitely do it with Win32 API and X11. Just google gaining focus of windows in <platform here> with c++ and you should have plenty of articles and reference material to get you through it.

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