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Tweet and QT For Device Creation

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    Hello everyone,

    I follow the Qt-Project on twitter and just recently I got this tweet about How to get started with Qt for Device Creation featuring the 'RaspPi'

    It seems rediculously easy to setup. I own a RaPi-2 so I want to do it! :-)
    But my creator does not have a lot of the options, featured in the Video.

    Is this only available if one has the 'Commercial QT For Device Creation licenz'?
    And privat/hobby (non profit)users have to setup everything by hand, by following one of the many and complex tutorials on the internet?

  • Hi @J.Hilk
    Yes, that is the differentiation for the commercial product.
    The RPi is the example product, but there is a bunch of commercial boards that are supported for the easy setup. It costs, but it really is that simple.

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    Hi @tekojo , thanks for the anwer!

    Damn, I was hoping differntely x), but it is super easy, and in my opinion not promoted enough, before that Tweet I had no idea what Qt For Device Creation would support. I knew it existed, but that was as far as it got.

    There's still the 30 day test trial I could use, and I'll contact the support, maybe theres a single/private device license that can be negotiate...

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