Qt not using the system notification daemon

  • Hello!

    After switching my notifications from KDE to dunst I've started seeing Qt show these fallback notifications instead of my dunst ones.


    notify-send still works fine and shows the notifications I'd expect, and so do all GTK applications, it's only Qt that does this.

    Did anyone else encounter this problem before? I am on Arch Linux and running i3wm.

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you mean that some Qt applications does this or Qt Creator ?
    Also since all of KDE is Qt then maybe its a KDE thing?

  • @mrjj
    Hello, thanks for your response.
    All Qt applications do this.

    I removed KDE from my system which made this start happening.

    In my program outputs I get a few lines printed to output:

    DEBUG: D-Bus global menu: no
    DEBUG: D-Bus system tray: no

    Which did not happen back when I was running KDE.

    And as I said, everything is in theory normal. notification-send works and so do GTK applications.

    I tried running the freedesktop Notify method using the Qt5 DBus debugger, but it errored: error

    That is just about all I know about this issue, thanks again.

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  • I've noticed this in the past as well. Would be nice with a fix.

    Does it work well in Gnome? If that's the case then I wouldn't consider it that important. I'm sure the Qt team knows how to allocate resources better than me.

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    AFAIK, QSystemTrayIcon doesn't use dbus in its Linux backend. That might be related to your situation.

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