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image invisible in Qt 5.9 works fine in 5.8

  • Hi,

    I have fairly simple MapQuickItem

    MapQuickItem {
        property int rs_id
        property int item_type: 1 //1-marker 2-circle 3-navi 4-bus 5-info
        property int naviMap;
        property int pressed: 0
        property int old_x;
        property int old_y;
        property int moved: 0
        visible: true;
        sourceItem: Image {
            id: image
            scale: 0.1
            source: "images/map-marker-blue.png"
            visible: true
        anchorPoint.x: image.width/2
        anchorPoint.y: image.height

    It works fine with Qt 5.8 and is invisible with Qt 5.9
    With 5.9 no error is being shown, I just can't see the image, if I make intentional mistake in source url it complains:

    qrc:/MarkerItem.qml:15:17: QML Image: Cannot open: qrc:/images/map-marker-blu.png

    But when the path is correct, no error is written and the image is simply invisible, component is created it even has the right size, but it is just like completely transparent. I have tested on Windows 10 and Linux 64Bit
    Has something changed in 5.9 or what?

    Best Regards

  • Ok, I have found the problem:

    scale: 0.1

    This settings does not work in Qt 5.8 (item is always 100% size) and it does in 5.9
    My mistake.


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