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can't start Qt5.8 application on I.mx25 (armv5)

  • Re: Error running a Qt5.8.0 App on a Linux distro on a Freescale IMX28EVK Board


    I face the same error as the one in the linked post. I recently moved to a 64bits distribution due to issues with the 32 bits one.
    I compiled the linux distribution for the i.mx25 with buildroot; built my Qt projectswith the arm version of g++ and qmake without issue; but when I try the run an application, remotely or directly on the target, I get the message "A newer kernel is required to run this binary. (__kernel_cmpxchg64 helper)"

    I can't change the kernel because the patches for the board are only provided for the 2.6.35 so that's not a possibility and the armv6 dosn't have a hardware floating point unit so I can't use the flags mention on the linked post.

    Any help or hint will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,

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