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Qt & watchOS

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a couple of questions that, hopefully, someone with experience in this field can help me out with.

    First of, I have a small App for my iPhone, that send UDP-Signals in my home w-Lan to communicate/control my "SmartHome System".

    This is working fine.

    Now I would like to add AppleWatch support for this and I'm running a bit into a wall here.
    The only functionality should be, send UDP-Signal wenn the button on the Watchdisplay is pressed.

    Officially Qt supports all Apple operating systems (macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS) since 5.8 but I'm unable to find a documentation about, how to config/adjust etc.


    • Is there a Qt for watchOS docu, and where can I find it
    • Does someone know of a small example I could test
    • Is ui for watchOS(Either QWidgets or QML), even just a simple button, supported? I'm referen to this block entry
    • Am I better of creating the watchOS addon in xcode?

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    That's a question (well, set of questions :)) that I'd recommend bringing to the interest mailing list. watchOS support is still pretty new so there's likely not a lot of people using it yet on the forum.

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    @SGaist Hi,
    thanks for your time writing this answer.

    I figuered as much, even so smart watches are now over 2 years old, not many people use them -> even fewer make apps for them.

    I'm new to the interest mailing list, I know of it but thats about it. I'll give it a try however, as I've seen it recommanded before.

    From what I could gather so far, I most likly have to fall back on xcode , but that still leaves the question of how to communicate between watch and phone x)


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    I don't have such a watch so I can't comment on how/what to do however I've seen some demos from the watchOS platform maintainer so there's likely things to be done :)

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