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QCustomPlot help[urgent]

  • Hello everyone, I am using QCustomPlot library in my project and I have a weird requirement.
    I want my graph to have my own colours(not pen color, the fill/brush and they form a gradient) from a particular offset range.
    Like 400-450 for violet, etc. (These are values on x axes of course). I looked up QLinearGradient but it is not working for me, as the gradient is relative to the screen and not "Fixed". If I zoom in or pan then the gradient also moves and its not perfect either. I don't think I need a colormap because colors have no relation with my y values. Any help would be appreciated :)

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    QCustomPlot is not an official Qt module, you should try to contact its author as he might be more knowledgeable about the goal you are trying to reach.

    On a side note, stating that your problem is urgent while requesting free help on a community forum is not a good idea. While I can understand that it's urgent for you, if you are in such a hurry then you should consider hiring someone to help you rather than trying to rush people into helping when they do it on their own time.

  • I have posted the same thread on their site too but no response as of 1 week. I am still hoping for someone familiar with QCP to help me.

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