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[solved] topic starter and last reply mixed up

  • When I click the new posts link I get al the new posts listed.

    But now seems the names of ther original poster and the name of the one that answered last have been mixed.

    here is an example :

    bq. Member list sort criteria
    by: mariusg | Views: 55 | Forum: Beta Testing | Last reply 46 minutes ago by mlong

    mlong started it and mariusg was the last person wich responded.

    Does anyone else have this behaviour?

  • bq. Member list sort criteria
    by: mlong | Views: 56 | Last reply 54 minutes ago by mariusg

  • Eddy, we can reproduce and will have a fix for it shortly. Thanks!

  • This is fixed now :)

  • Just for the records : it's ok here too.

    Thanks Gurudutt and Marius ! That was fast ;)

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