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[SOLVED]QML internalization per file ??

  • Hello,

    I read some documentation about qml internalization. It seems I have to provide 1 translation file per qml file...
    So my C++ application contain many qml file ( qmlCount) . And I have to internalizate it for many language... ( lngCount)

    Does it mean I have to create : qmlCount * lnCount files ??
    If I have 20 qml file, and I need to translate my application to 10 language... The translation files will be 200 !!

    So my question is : How can I translate my qml application to have 1 translation file per application! Like the translation C++ system!

    It's seems it will be more easy to use an sqlite file! no ?

  • Ok I found!

    lupdate file1.qml file2.qml -ts translation.ts!

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    [SOLVED] QML internalization per file ??

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  • Ok ! I had not found the button! Now it's ok

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    Nice! It is an "unofficial" method we use to indicate that the thread addresses a (now) resolved issue! :-)

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