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How can i cross-compile opencv and qt code using same compiler generated by yocto?

  • In order to cross-compile QT code for my target i had a SDK generated by Yocto using
    bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5
    For opencv i had separate sdk.

    What i observed is QT SDK doesnot have Opencv files as it should not be because it is for cross-compiling QT application. But opencv SDK has QT libraries but no qmake.
    What i did i used sysroot path of Opencv SDK which has libraries for both opencv and QT and compiler and qmake path from QT SDK.
    The error i get is:
    libpthread and libpthread_nonshared not found.
    Qt creator always searches the libs in /usr/lib instead of /opt/poky/1.6.1/.....
    Is that the right way to compile an application both with QT and opencv for Yocto linux image?

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    What do you mean by "You have a separate SDK" ?

  • I had a separate SDK for Opencv which doesnot have qmake to compile Qt applications. But i had found a way to have a single SDK which compiles both opencv and qt applications.

    Solution i:
    Add to the image recipe against which you want to build the SDK:
    inherit populate_sdk_qt5.
    Now the do_populate_sdk task knows the target and will install the needed headers and libs on the respective sysroot.


  • @Sumit i am also facing same problem plz guide me to fix this problem

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