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Signals and slots in QT Designer

  • I'm trying to use the auto generated code from QT designer and converting it to py code with pyuic5. Works fine so far as I get the py code to display the ui file just fine.

    I'm trying to get a signal from a button. I have created an Action in the Action editor called "actionOn_click"

    This is the auto generated code for the button:


    only 4 options are available instead of .trigger from within the QT designer. hover(), toggle() and deleteLater().

    Am I doing this correctly ? I have the code as a separate file as it gets overwritten every-time I make some changes to the user interface (which is quite often)

    I have spent hours trawling the net but all the info seems to be either that everything is handwritten from the start or the examples just connect a signal to a slot already within the QT frame work.

    Any suggestions ?

    I'm using QT designer V5.9.0, pyuic5 (5.8.2) and python 3.6


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