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Is there a good forum to learn qt widgets and qt program examples

  • I am a beginner at c++ programming and I need some help understanding the qt creator widgets. I am thinking that not all c++ forums would be a good place to learn c++ because of the many different widget packages that are out there. I could be wrong but is it true that I need to learn only the qt widgets if i am using the qt creator and not other widgets? I don't want to complicate things by learning another widget package if I don't have too. What I need I believe is a good forum with lots of qt program examples and qt widget examples. does qt creator have a socket widget?

  • My suggestion is : take a look at Qt docs "here":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.7/ to find out the Qt basic widgets(e.g QSlider, QCheckBox, QPushButton), and also the layout management.
    You can also find lots of examples there.

    Socket widget is not a GUI widget, it just a class(e.g QTcpSocket, QUdpSocket)

  • In the Qt Docummentation there are several tutorials, including fun stuff for beginners such as a small game develoment. Most of the Qt modules have some commented examples, check the QtNetwork documentation and demos to see if they help you to begin.

    The Qt framework is pretty much the same across the modules, this might be an advantage when learning it.

  • thank you for the link and also the post about the game dev. Where do I post if i have a question about the documents?

  • In the General & Desktop forum on this site, probably.

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