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Send data to server

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a sensor data which is needed to be sent on a server, I have the IP address of the server but I'm not getting as to how to do it. Kindly shed some light on this.


  • @sush

    Did you check out already the network examples?

    For several ways you will find a solution there.
    Do you know already the actual way to communicate?

  • @koahnig

    Actually, I am new to this server-client communications field. I have been asked to upload real time data to a private server. Just uploading part from QT is supposed to be done by me, rest everything will be handled by the IT team.

  • @sush

    A couple of buzz words they should deliver otherwise there are too many ways to do the job.

    Since it is real-time you might want to check and read about TCP-sockets and UDP-sockets. The network examples have both ways and help you to understand the requirements. Even though that the server part will be handled by IT, it is good for you to understand this as well. It is not much effort overall.

  • What is the server?
    How do you communicate? SOAP, Rest, straight FTP, directly sending raw data over TCP or UDP? Without that knowledge it's just like asking "how do I cook?"

  • @koahnig

    Thanks, I will go through the network examples.

    However, I have made my raspberry pi a server and I have made a webpage(with php and html) visible on the local ip address with some raw data of my sensor coded in C language (I can't use the C file as the data couldn't be processed as greatly as in QT). Now how to make the data from my qt project available on this server??

    P.S: The data is serial

  • @koahnig @VRonin

    I shall be getting the server details and updating here soon.

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