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How could I change the identity of Tor7.0 by Qt5?

  • Do anyone try to do that with Qt?I search through internet but cannot find anyone tried it with Qt.

    Qt version : Qt5.6.2 vc2015 32bits
    os : win10 64bits

    Following are my solution, but it do not work

    Step 1 : Add HashedControlPassword in the file torrc

    Go to "your_location\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor"
    Open torrc by text editor
    Add following text

    HashedControlPassword 16:872860B76453A77D60CA2BB8C1A7042072093276A3D701AD684053EC4E

    Step 2 : start tor browser, make sure it is connected

    Step 3 : Use QTcpSocket and QUdpSocket to ask tor to renew the identity

    MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent) :
        ui(new Ui::MainWindow),
        socket_(new socket_type(this))
        connect(socket_, &QUdpSocket::readyRead, this, &MainWindow::read_tor_msg);
        connect(socket_, static_cast<void(socket_type::*)(QAbstractSocket::SocketError)>(&socket_type::error),
                this, &MainWindow::error);
        connect(socket_, &socket_type::connected, [this]()
            qDebug()<<"socket is connected";
                qDebug()<<"send msg:"<<"AUTHENTICATE \"16:872860B76453A77D60CA2BB8C1A7042072093276A3D701AD684053EC4E\"\r\n";
                socket_->write("AUTHENTICATE \"16:872860B76453A77D60CA2BB8C1A7042072093276A3D701AD684053EC4E\"\r\n");
                qDebug()<<"send msg:"<<ui->lineEditMessage->text().toLatin1();
        delete ui;
    void MainWindow::error(QAbstractSocket::SocketError error)
    void MainWindow::read_tor_msg()
        static size_t count = 0;
        qDebug()<<"read tor msg:"<<count++<<"="<<socket_->readAll();
    void MainWindow::on_pushButtonSendMsg_clicked()
        socket_->connectToHost(ui->lineEditHost->text(), ui->spinBoxPort->value());

    Step 4 : results?

    If I connect with TCP socket, it always reply me "QAbstractSocket::RemoteHostClosedError"
    If I connect with UDP socket, it always give me empty message

    Whole project are place at mega, depend on Qt5.6.2 only. I am 100% sure the host and port are correct, because I have used it as proxy to test my ip address on "".

  • Hi tham,

    I stumbled on this tutorial on using Qt with Tor and remembered your question here in the Qt forum.

    I haven't looked in it myself, but maybe you can get some information out of it that is usefull.

    hope it helps

  • @Eddy Thanks for the link, but this tutorial cannot solve my problem, it is too old, today Tor need another solution to renew the ip address

  • @tham

    today Tor need another solution to renew the ip address

    Maybe you migth ask at the Tor developers/ users more details on how to do it, let's say in a pure C++ way.

    Hope it helps

  • The problem is solved, the problem is the password, I should enter the actual password but not the hashed codes, how silly I was.

    For more details, please read this post. QTcpSocket works too.

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