Suggestions for streaming large data set

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    I'm currently working on an application that visualising a large streaming data set. The Item data it self is small (Several columns with numbers and strings), but I have several millions of them streaming to my application via shared memory. Im using Boost's Interprocess MessageQueue to receive the data. I can use blocking and non-blocking variants of message receiving methods.

    I would like to present this data in a TreeView, each row representing an input data from stream. Also I would like to provide functionality for expanding items (+) and generating (requires some small search and data generation) additional hierarchical data related to that item.

    I want to design the application in the MVC pattern; I have a decoupled model (QAbstractTableModel) and a view (QTreeViewtreeView).

    I would love to know how experienced Qt developers would integrate my streaming data, model and view.

    I have a setup with CMake 3.1.3, Qt 5.6.1.

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    Hi @GrandCentralDispatch , and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    The first thing I suggest is to work through the Fetch More Example: . Let your model load your data bit by bit, instead of all at once.

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