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How to edit the signal handler of a series that is created by using createSeries?

  • I tried to do this

           SplineSeries{         }

    and this

    splineLine.createObject(chart,{"name": ALine ,"xAxis":chart.xAxis,"yAxis":chart.yAxis})

    instead of the standard way:

    var name=ALine
    chart.createSeries( ChartView.SeriesTypeSpline, name , chart.xAxis, chart.yAxis)

    to create a series for chart (a chartView)

    but it does not seems to work, the chart didn't display the ALine

    I would like to edit the series' for example onClick function, but I can not do this if I create the Series by using createSeries

    Create a series component first then use createObject does not seem to work, the spline didn't seem to be belonged to the chart.
    Does someone know how to do this?

    BTW, What is the different between those two method?

    Thank you for answering my question

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