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Category for design patterns

  • I wonder if it would be suitable having a category for design patterns or best practice patterns in Qt?

    For example, I am currently thinking about extending a QAbstractItemModel and I wonder if there is a pattern.

    Technically, the ProxyModel comes in mind, but bears the question how to implement it when the model is used in Qml. (Especially the roles)

    Would it not be practical to have a category for such discussions? or is the wiki a more suitable place? or is the right posting point for this the usual General and Desktop category?

  • Hi! If you want to discuss something, the forum is the right place. Choosing the "right" subforum is sometimes not so easy but if the topic moves in this or that direction we can always move the thread to another subforum, so just start it, maybe in "desktop and general", or in "brainstorm", or whatever you think fits best. If you have something you would like to share, like an explanation how this or that should work, and so on, don't hesitate to put in on the wiki :-)

    BTW, the wiki has anti-spam measures in place. If you add or edit an article the changes have to be confirmed before they go public. If you made changes and it takes too long before someone confirms thems, feel free to tell me here via chat.

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