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Is it possible to use Qt.createComponent("Dialog.qml")

  • Im trying to implement a generic dialog system. Therefore I want to create different dialogs dynamically. But when I try to use


    I get

    qml: Error creating new dialog, expected component status to be READY but it was not!
    qml: Component status is: 3
    qml: qrc:/Dialog.qml:-1 File not found

    And I realised that there is no Qml-File in the Qt-Install-Directory that represents a dialog. What I found was the plugin/module QtQuick/Dialogs and some DLL files. So my question is what name should I supply when using Qt.createDialog("<file_name.qml>") on native QML components like Dialog, Button or Label?

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    Hi @Volkeracho
    Not sure about the Dialog but for other components like Button or Label you can just add them in a separate file say for eg. MyButton.qml or MyLabel.qml and then use the URL's for these files depending upon where they are present i.e resource system or just local path.

  • Or you can just use QML Component:

    Component {
        id: component
        Dialog { }

    Creating an instance is a matter of calling Component::createObject():

    var dialog = component.createObject(parent);

  • Thanks a lot both of you, this will do nicely!

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