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QRadioTunerControl class and QRadioTuner Usage

  • Hi all,

    As per understanding , QRadioTunerControl class provides abstract base class for Analog Radio services.

    However if we need to add Digital Radio service like DAB/DAB+ also , what are design options ?

    As some of the functionality is common in both analog an digital radio from user perspective like seek , scan etc

    Can we derive analog radio tuner and digital radio tuner classes from it and use those to provide both digital and analog radio .

    Also it is mentioned in documentation that "The functionality provided by this control is exposed to application code through the QRadioTuner class."

    I am not able to in what sense they are related . Is due to that QRadioTuner class implemented all methods exposed by QRadioTunerControl class .


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QRadioTuner uses QRadioTunerControl internally.

    QRadioTunerControl is the base class for implementing the radio plugins. Currently there's only the V4L backend that provides support for radio.

    If you'd like to add support for digital radio, then you should likely implement a QDigitalRadioTunerControl and a QDigitalRadioTuner class and then create a plugin for whatever device that gives you access to the digital radio.

    Hope it helps

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