How to know if the QHash::insert(const Key &key, const T &value) succeeded or failed

  • The documentation says nothing about this.

  • @eMan.Lived

    Based on QHash size you can know value is inserted or not.
    if inserted size becomes +1 to previous size if not size remains same as previous size.

    int mapSize;
    QHash<key,value> hash;
    mapSize = hash.size();

    //inserted succeeded
    mapSize = hash.size();


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    @eMan.Lived insert() returns an iterator. I'm not sure (and documentation really does not say anything about it!), but I think if insertion fails the iterator will be hash.end(), otherwise it will point to the just inserted pair. You can check Qt source code to find out what really happens.

  • @Venkatesh-V
    It looks like the developers have forgotten something. I mean that it looks more clear like this:

    QHash<key, value> hash;
    if (hash.insert(Key, Value) == hash.end())
      // failed
      // succeeded

    Well, thanks for the workaround.

    I've looked source code.

    1. QHash::insert() just return result of called QHash::insertMulti() (line 1011).
    2. QHash::insertMulti(), in turn, returns an iterator, in the constructor of which the result of calling function createNode() is passed (line 781).
    3. createNode() returns a pointer to the Node created by the new operator (lines 548, 551).

    As you can see there is no check for successful memory allocation. Maybe throws an exception?

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    @eMan.Lived Well, in case memory cannot be allocated there will be an exception and the application will be closed by the OS.

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