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Category: USER; Reason: 44 when deleting qobject on S60 3rd FP2 with qt 4.6.3

  • Hello

    I get the crash in the title when deleting a qobject. It doesnt matter if i do a deleteLater. Behaves the same. The object is not child of another object. My app uses a QApplication

    Same code works flawlessly with Qt 4.7.3.

    Any ideas what is changed between those two?

  • The last log message is that destroyed signal is emited. The signal is NOT connected to any slot

  • I believe is somehow related to CActiveScheduler
    The documentation for CActiveScheduler::Add says

    Adds the specified active object to the current active scheduler.
    An active object can be removed from an active scheduler either by destroying the active object or by using its Deque() member function.
    E32USER-CBase 41 if the active object aRequest has already been added to the current active scheduler.
    E32USER-CBase 48 if aRequest is NULL.
    E32USER-CBase 44 if the thread does not have an installed active scheduler.

    But i dont use any active objects, probably qt does and i dont know how to create the ActiveScheduler

  • After more investigation i found that the panicking thread has a valid CActiveScheduler::Current()

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